Penalties for Breaking Mortgage Contract early

Posted on: February 4, 2021

Unfortunately, most borrowers are not aware of the penalty charges if they want to break their mortgage before the term is over. The reason why you would want to break your mortgage could be buying another home or refinancing your property. There could be hefty prepayment penalties based on your mortgage contract. Prepayment penalties can cost thousands of dollars. It is important to know when they apply and how your lender calculates them. We advice that before you make this decision, you should review your mortgage contract with your lender / bank carefully.

What is a Prepayment penalty?
A prepayment penalty, also called breakage cost is charged by your mortgage lender in the following situations:
• If you pay more than the allowed additional amount toward your mortgage contract.
• If you break your mortgage contract.
• If you transfer your mortgage to another lender before the end of your term with the current lender.
• pay back your entire mortgage before the end of your term, including when you sell your home.

How much would you pay if you break your mortgage?
If you hold a fixed-rate mortgage, you are liable to pay three months interest or interest rate differential (IRD) whichever is higher depending on your lender and current market scenario. On the contrary, for a variable-rate mortgage, you are expected to pay the equivalent of three months’ interest in most scenarios.
Moreover, breaking your mortgage early could result in certain expenses that you must cover as a homeowner, such as an Administration fee, Appraisal fee and Re-investment fees (if you are looking to buy a new home). Prepayment penalties can vary depending on your lender, mortgage agreement and time left in the mortgage contract’s current term, as we stated above.

How can you avoid penalty charges for breaching your mortgage contract?
• Review your mortgage documents diligently before signing them.
• Make sure you discuss prepayment clauses with your lender.
• You can port your mortgage if you want to buy another house.
• You can opt for blend and extend mortgage option that allows you to keep current mortgage balance amount at same rate and additional new mortgage amount at current market rate.

Why would you pay mortgage penalty?
• Your financial situation has changed.
• Interest rates have gone down.
• You want to buy a new house and relocating.
• You want to refinance to pay high interest debts or take-out equity.
• Your current home does not meet your needs.
• You have got a cash flow and wish to pay off the mortgage to save interest.

To sum up, before breaking your mortgage contract, make sure you educate yourself about the penalties and extra fees that come with your mortgage. We would recommend you read the prepayment clauses prudently, then make the best possible financial decision. It is always favourable to consult with a knowledgeable broker who can smoothly walk you through the process and understand the rules and regulations if you break your mortgage contract.

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